Some Tips For Choosing A Company Sign

28 December 2022
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The aesthetic of your business's exterior is so important. Good curb appeal can help convince potential customers your company is the one for them. Also, the way your exterior is done can help make you more visible, and this can help increase the number of walk-ins you see. Along with having nice landscaping, having a good paint job, and having some decor that's on-brand, you also want to have a good sign. Your sign can do so many great things for your company. On the other hand, the wrong sign can cost you dearly. Here are some things you should know about your sign: 

The sign should match your brand

If you have a highly recognizable logo, or you have set colors for your brand, then these things should be incorporated into your sign. This can mean opting for a specific type of sign that allows you to achieve this visual. However, even if you have to pay more for this sign, you will likely find that it works out well for you and more than pays for itself. If you don't really have a logo or colors, then you have more choices in signs, but you also need one that makes it obvious what your business is. 

The sign should be highly visible

It's best for you to have a sign that's not just visible when people get right up on the business but is also visible from further down the road. This can help prevent customers from passing the business and needing to turn around because they didn't see your sign in time to do a safe lane change. A large sign that's located near the street and is at a good height can be a great choice. 

You may want a sign that lights up

If you are only open during daytime hours, then you may not have to worry too much about having a sign that lights up. While it can end up helping some people realize your business is there, it may not be worth the cost if these signs are going to cost more money. However, if you are open before sunrise, after dusk, or even all night, then it is extremely important for you to have a sign that lights up and is large enough to see clearly during the nighttime hours. This can really help your customers find your business when they are coming at night.

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