Important Design Concepts When Ordering A Custom Wood Sign

21 June 2022
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A custom-designed wood sign can be an amazing way to advertise your business. It's a perfect choice for quaint country stores, retro-style shops, rustic bistros, and even bed and breakfast establishments. However, a wood sign does require some unique design choices to maximize its value. These signs are can be customed differently than metal signs, which we will discuss below. 

3D Logo Design To Make it Pop

If you are looking at custom hand-crafted wood signs, then it's important to pay attention to the logo on the sign. One of the main advantages of working with wood is that the sign can easily be carved for a 3d design. This is certainly a perfect option for the logo. Make sure that when discussing the sign design concept with the woodworker that you go over different three-dimensional design choices that will be appealing to the eye and attract viewers.

The added benefit to using a 3D design when having the wood sign cut is that you can add decorative flourishes like fleur de lis, roses, or even items that are germane to the establishment such as a wine glass for a bar or fishing pole for a camping store.

Wood Stain to Make It Stand Out

Once you have the basic design laid out, it's a good idea to consult with the wood shop on what sort of wood stain you will want to use. You will want to choose a variety of stains so that there is a shading of colors on the wood sign. Stain is preferable to using paint because the stain will allow for the natural wood grain to show through. If you apply paint, the wood grain won't show. Also, paint flakes and requires more maintenance than stain.

Waterproof Sealant to Protect It From The Elements

Finally, the last part of the process is to choose a waterproof sealer to apply to the wood sign. If you don't apply a sealer to the wood sign as the final step in the process, then the wood will begin to break down.

When you're speaking with the custom wood designers, make sure you discuss where you will place the sign. If it's exposed to wind, rain, and heavy sunlight, then it will require a strong sealant that will protect it from the elements. If, however, the signage is being kept indoors in your store or establishment, then you can have a much lighter sealer used.

For more information, contact a sign service that specializes in custom-crafted wood signs.