Different Types Of Backlit Trade Show Displays

2 May 2022
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If you are looking to stand out at a trade show, backlit trade show displays can help to shine a light on your booth and attract customers. If you are considering adding a backlit element to your tradeshow display, you may not yet realize how many different options you can incorporate into your booth. Here are a few of the various types of backlit trade show displays that are available. 

Backlit Display Walls

One of the most common types of backlit trade show displays is a backlit display wall. The wall is typically placed at the back of the booth. Customers walk into the booth and can see whatever type of display you are trying to showcase for them. However, a wall at the back of the booth is not the only option. The wall can be facing outward, helping to attract more attention to your booth. The backlit display wall can also be a sidewall. If you want to get really creative, you can do a backlit display wall for every wall in your booth. 

Backlit Trade Show Counters

Another common type of backlit trade show display is a backlit tradeshow counter. Many tradeshow booths have counters in front of the booth. These counters allow your staff to answer questions that guests may have or interact with guests. The base of the counters can be made from a solid material or can be made from a backlit display. You can use this to advertise your product to those passing by. 

Backlit Tabletop Displays

One of the more unique types of backlit trade show displays is a backlit tabletop display. The display makes up the tabletop or countertops in your display booth. Most people use interactive tabletop displays, allowing customers to experience the benefits of your product or learn the features of your product through the tabletop display. The unique part about this type of display is that every customer may experience a different display, especially with an interactive option. 

Backlit Overhead Signs

Backlit overhead signs are becoming more and more common. A backlit overhead sign is a backlit sign that can be hung from the ceiling above your booth or directly in your booth. This is basically a way to let people know where your booth is so they can come visit your booth. It is important to note that not every venue will allow you to hang an overhead sign, so check the rules about the particular trade show you are setting your booth up at. 

Backlit display walls, backlit trade show counters, backlit tabletop displays and backlit overhead signs are just a few of the many different types of backlit trade show displays that you can incorporate into your exhibit or trade show booth to really help the booth stand out and come to life. Reach out to a trade show or exhibit booth display manufacturer to get help picking the right displays for your booth and incorporating them into your booth. A company like Lightbox Shop has more information.