Sign Light Retrofitting: 3 Reasons To Retrofit Your Current Signs To LED Lighting

15 October 2021
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Signs, especially the illuminated ones, are usually a critical tool for marketing your business products or company. However, you need to ensure they are professionally designed for them to be the most effective and reliable. If you use neon signs for advertising your business, you can retrofit them with LED lighting to make them more effective. Signs that use neon and fluorescent lights can still help you market your business, but they won't do it better than those using LED lights. For this reason, look for a reputable sign light retrofitting expert to retrofit the current signs with LED lighting for these three reasons.

LED Light Signs Are Easy to Maintain and Last Longer

It's good to assess the maintenance costs of any signage before you install it. Signs with LED lights are a major investment because they are easy to maintain. It's not advisable to invest in signs with higher maintenance expenses, especially if you run a small business. That's why you should consider retrofitting your current signs with LED lights because their maintenance costs are relatively low, and they also last longer. If you usually use illuminated signs, it's good to know that their return on investment depends on how long the lights last. In this case, LED signs are a valuable option for you.

Illumination Takes a Few Seconds

Clear visibility is usually the most critical issue when marketing your business because it helps enlarge your customer base. Signs with visibility issues are a real threat to the success and growth of your business. If you use neon or fluorescent signs, you know that the bulbs don't warm up quickly after turning them on. In fact, you typically don't get instant illumination, and sometimes the illumination isn't clear and full. But when the signs are retrofitted to LED lighting, you enjoy instant full illumination. This ensures the business signs are visible at any time, whether at dusk or dawn. 

It Helps You Save Money

Replacing the neon light signs with LED light ones will help you save a lot of money. Most businesses today are investing in the retrofitting process because they want to use signs with energy-efficient lights. In fact, LED lights are more energy-efficient compared to fluorescent and neon lights. That's why you will not experience higher energy bills when using LED light signs. So if your signs still use the neon lights and have older bulbs, contact the sign light retrofitting experts to retrofit them with LED lights.

As you can see, LED retrofitting comes with several benefits. So if the current signs are fluorescent or neon-illuminated, get a sign light retrofitting company to retrofit them with LED lights. By so doing, they will become a super marketing tool for your business. Reach out to a sign light retrofitting service near you to learn more.