Working With A Print Shop To Get Custom Signs For Your Event Or Gathering

27 October 2020
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Sign printing used to be less appealing for clients needing only a few signs. Today, a sign printing company can produce signs at much lower costs and using systems that allow the signs to be printed in small batches while offering them at a reasonable price. 

Small Batch Printing

Many modern sign printing shops offer small batch printing for clients. If you need to have a few signs made for an event or to direct someone to a location, you can meet with the printer and get them to create just the sign you need at a price that is affordable for most people. Signs for a birthday party or a company outing may help people find the event locations. With modern printing processes, they can even have different things on the signs, like arrows pointing the way or mileage indicators to let people know how far away they are. 

Digital printing methods allow the sign to be mocked up on the computer, and then the sign printing shop can print them individually. Because there is less manual layout to these new printing methods, the cost is lower, and the layout time is cut significantly, so the price of specialty signs or individual signs is affordable for the client. 

Durable and Recyclable

Another advancement in sign printing that is becoming more common is printing small signs on corrugated plastics made from recycled materials. The sign is more durable and can stand up to rain or wet environments when this material is used, and the cost is often not much higher than if the sign was made with cardboard. 

Some sign printing shops are even moving into vinyl cutting and can letter a sign on plastic with a vinyl letter to last longer and be used multiple times. This can save the client money over the long term if they are going to reuse the signs.

Talk to the sign company in your area if you are considering plastic signs to see if they can create these sigs for you. Not all sign shops have the equipment for it, but if they do, it may be an option you want to consider.

Banner Printing

If you need a large banner for an event, some sign printing shops specialize in making them. The banner is typically made from vinyl, and the shop can digitally print information on the banner for you. 

Many sign printing shops can put words, pictures, and logos on the banner and will help you layout the design on the computer then digitize it for printing. This allows you to preview the banner before it is printed and easily make any changes to the banner before the printer creates it, resulting in fewer errors or surprises when the banner is hung up at your event.

For more information about sign printing, contact a local sign maker.