Three Benefits Of Foam Board Signs

26 May 2020
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One type of portable sign that can be highly advantageous for companies and organizations is a foam board sign. This type of sign is available in many different shapes and sizes, meaning that your local custom sign provider can produce any foam board sign to meet your specifications. As its name suggests, a foam board sign is a sign that has a thin layer of foam behind its surface. The foam gives the sign some rigidity without making it too heavy. If you're thinking about ordering one or more foam board signs, here are some benefits that you'll want to know.

They're Easy To Transport

One of the biggest advantages of foam board signs is that they're easy to transport. This is the perfect type of sign to carry with you to different events. For example, if you're setting up an information booth at an off-site location, a foam board sign on an easel stand is easy to transport with you. When you frequently need signage in different locations, portability is an important topic to consider. You don't want signs that are heavy, large, or otherwise awkward to carry and set up. With a foam board sign, you're getting an ideal product for taking wherever you need it.

They're Affordable

You'll also find that foam board signs are typically among the more affordable products that you can order from your custom sign company. Small foam board signs are suitable for most budgets, and even a large sign won't generally cost very much money. This trait alone can make a foam board sign appealing to buy. This is especially true if your company or organization is new or otherwise doesn't have a lot of money to invest in signage and promotional products. Additionally, if some of the information on your foam board sign becomes outdated in time, it won't be financially daunting to have your custom sign company design you a new sign.

They're More Durable Than Cardboard

When some people and companies want portable sign solutions, they may lean toward those made of cardboard. While cardboard signs are affordable and easy to transport, they can also get damaged easily. For example, if you're transporting a few cardboard signs to an event, they can get folded or have their corners damaged during transit. The foam layer of a foam board sign adds structure and strength to this type of sign, allowing it to remain in like-new condition, even when you use it regularly.

When it comes to custom signage, you have a lot of options. To learn what options are available to you, consider reaching out to a local expert.