Advertise Your Next Event Using Social Media And Yard Signs

3 January 2020
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Your next event can be a success, but you have to get the word out there that lets people know what is going on. Social media is a great way to get people interested in an event, but cheap yard signs are a way to reach a wider audience. While most people are on social media, many others are going to see your yard signs spread throughout town. With the combination of social media posts, links to sign up for the event, and yard signs, you'll have the exposure you want to get people interested in your event. Whether you are setting up a church tag sale or you are looking to bring people to a charity golf tournament, using a variety of methods will work best.

Traditional Marketing Methods to Boost Visibility of Your Event

Traditional marketing methods include putting your event on the radio, publishing in the newspaper, and putting out yard signs to get attention. You can try putting up flyers and consider sending out a mailer if you have a list of subscribers. Traditional marketing still has a place in advertising, and it will help you grow the number of people who become aware of your event when you use yard signs and more.

Boosting Your Event on Social Media

Once you put out your yard signs and set up a newspaper or radio ad, you can boost your event further using social media platforms. Facebook allows you to create an event, share the event with your friends and followers, and create an ad that shows people the details if they are logging into their social media accounts. You can set up your event so that people say they are interested, going, or not going, and this makes it a bit easier to determine how many people will be at your event.

Spreading the Word of Your Event

As people travel around town, they are likely to see one of your lawn signs. Listening to the local radio station, your event will eventually come on the radio. Once they are on social media, your event will pop up once again. This will remind people of the event, and get people interested as the time of your event gets closer.

Take the time to develop a bit of a marketing strategy, no matter what size of event you are hosting. Invest in cheap yard signs, and get creative with your social media ads.