Are You Decorating Your Teenager's Bedroom?

29 November 2018
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Are you trying to get your teenager's bedroom decorated before Christmas? If you are having out-of-town guests staying at your home over the holidays or are hosting holiday events, they may be staying in your teenager's room. In this case, you'll want the room to look nice. Besides that, though, you are also probably aware that your teenager's room can be a happy place for him or for her to spend time alone or with friends. Here are some ideas that might help you to decorate your teenager's room in a fun and unique way.

Custom Signs - As you decorate your teenager's bedroom, think of ordering custom signs that will delight him or her. For example, for the front door, choose a sign that reads something like, "NOTICE: Only Fun People Beyond This Point." Order other custom signs for inside your teenager's bedroom, too. For instance, one sign might say, "The Greatest Athlete Lives Here" or "Sleeping Beauty Lives Here." Is your teenager interested in helping you to decorate his or her room? If so, think about writing down several different expressions that you and your child think would work well, and then start eliminating them until you have the number of signs that you want to custom order. Consider ahead of time where the signs will go, too. For example, will there be one over your teenager's bed? 

Signs aren't just fun, they're affordable and an easy way to give our teenager's room a one-of-a-kind look. When you place your order with a sign company, consider writing the phrase down exactly the way you want it to look. For example, in the case of the notice for fun people in the room, indicate in writing that the word "notice" should be in all capitals and a bolder print and maybe even a different color.

Additional Decor - Since you're establishing a unique look in your teenager's bedroom, think of buying other unique decorating items. For example, if your teenager is a girl, she might get a big kick out of having flamingo-themed bedside table lamps. If your teenager is a son, he might love having hot-rod themed bedside table lamps. Go with things that are of special interest to your child, too. For example, if he or she has wanderlust in his or her veins, consider framing posters of famous landmarks, things like the Great Wall in China, Macchu Picchu in Peru, The Eiffel Tower of Paris, and even the Empire State Building in New York City.