Help People Remain Safe As They Drive Through A Long, Windy Entrance Way That Includes A Steep Incline

17 November 2016
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If the entrance way to the construction business that you own is long and windy and includes a steep incline, the following tips can be used to assist with keeping drivers safe as they approach the building that you and your crew operate from.

Caution And Speed Limit Signs That Have Breakaway Supports

Install caution and speed limit signs along the entrance way to prevent people from driving recklessly or speeding as they are approaching your property. If the signs are attached to breakaway supports, each base will yield if it is accidentally struck by a vehicle. As a result, less damage will occur and a driver may not be as likely to suffer from serious injuries.

Hire a professional company to install the signs so that they are the proper height and are not concealed by any foliage or plants. A professional company will make sure that each support meets the guidelines that need to be followed for the state that your business is located in and can assist with replacing or repairing one of the bases if it is ever damaged by an accident.

Reflectors Or Solar Lighting

Insert stakes that have reflectors or solar panels attached to them into the ground on each side of the entrance way. Reflectors will provide drivers with plenty of visibility at night so that they are not at risk of veering off the road. If you choose stakes that have solar panels attached to them, during the daytime hours photons that are released by the sun's rays will be collected in each panel. At nighttime, the panels will light up and create a soft glow as the photons are released.

Either type of lighting will not require any maintenance, other than removing residue from each one with a water hose and soft cloth when needed. Both types of lighting are suitable for use on a daily basis.

Fence Panels Along Specific Parts Of The Entrance Way

Hire a fencing company to install panels along specific parts of the entry road. For instance, you may want to consider having panels installed along sharp turns or a portion of the roadway that ascends in order to prevent a vehicle from accidentally going off of the road. Fencing materials that are made out of a material that is a color that contrasts with the outdoor surroundings will make it easy for each driver to see them as they are approached.