Fresh Custom Engraving Ideas For Unusual Holidays

3 June 2016
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It's traditional for presents to be given on major holidays like birthdays and Christmas, but the gifts that people tend to remember with the most tenderness are the ones that are received when least expected. Celebrate some unusual holidays by choosing custom engraved gifts that express your feelings in fun, creative ways.

World UFO Day

Sure, there are major fireworks going off each Fourth of July, but July 2 is World UFO Day. This fun holiday is a great excuse to watch "E.T." and "Fire in the Sky." It's also a great day to give your loved one a fun piece of jewelry. Engrave it with "You're out of this world." When you explain that the present is in honor of World UFO Day, the gift will have a double meaning, and receiving such a gift on this funky holiday is likely a story the recipient will tell others each time she receives a compliment on the jewelry.

Look for Circles Day

No circle is more fun for a woman than a ring! Celebrate November 2, which is Look For Circles Day, with the gift of a beautiful band ring. You may plan something fun like a clues-and-answers scavenger hunt where the person has to look for a variety of circle-shaped items in the home before stumbling upon this circle gift. Some ideas for custom engraving the ring for this day may include, "Neverending love" or "I love you without end." Both play a slight homage to circles while also being sincere and sentimental.

Love Your Pet Day

Most people know that Valentine's Day comes along every year on February 14, but fewer people realize that Love Your Pet Day is held annually on February 20. To celebrate this day, get your pet an engraved dog tag that says something sweet about your partner as well. It can be something cute about your partnership. An example of this would be: "Fido, Fur Kid of Molly + Steve. If found, return to our loving home or call us, 555-4343."

National Wine Day

National Wine Day is something that wine enthusiasts will especially delight in. It falls on May 25 each year. You may engrave wine jewelry or wine glasses for someone special to celebrate this holiday. An engraved wine opener may also be appreciated. You can write something serious as your message or something along the lines of simply saying, "Here's some cheese with your wine: I love you."

Finally, keep in mind that they key to successful gift-giving is all about honing in on who the recipient is and what makes them happy. Choose items that the person is likely to pick out themselves, then choose sincere words to engrave on the present. That's the recipe for a happy gift giver and recipient. Click here for more information about custom engraving.