4 Ways To Make Your Storefront's Sign Stand Out

17 May 2016
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Adding a sign to the outside of your storefront is a great way to spread awareness and potentially drive business. However, having a custom sign made isn't usually cheap, which is why it's so important to ensure that you're getting the most out of your money. As you work with a sign manufacturer to create your company's signage, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind to ensure that your sign stands out.

Choose the Location Wisely

Perhaps the most important goal of any sign is to get people to see it. This is where location comes in. Start by considering where you have the most traffic (foot or vehicle) around your storefront; this is the ideal placement for a sign. Ideally, your sign should be visible from both sides of the adjacent street or walkway for maximum visibility. Also, do some research into local ordinances and find out just how large your sign can be.

Share the Right Information

Another important purpose you sign will serve is that of informing people who are unfamiliar with your company what it is that you do. In most cases, this will mean that listing your company name and contact information isn't enough. For example, say the name of your company is "Parties R Us." Logically, one could infer that your business rents out party supplies, provides party-planning services, or is a venue for birthday parties and other types of gatherings. By listing explicitly which services your business offers on your signage, you'll be better able to avoid confusion.

...But Not TOO Much Information

At the same time, you don't want to include an over-abundance of information on your sign, as this will prevent the average passerby from having time to take it all in without stopping or slowing down. Keep it simple by including the name of your business, a brief description of the services offered, and your contact information for the best results.

Stick With a Simple Design

Finally, when it comes to the design of your sign, your sign manufacturer will likely have some ideas and input. In general, however, it's best to keep it simple in terms of your colors, font, and any graphics. You don't want to have too much going on or for your sign to be too busy, as this could distract and even frustrate your potential customers. Stick to a basic yet eye-catching design and you'll be on the path to success. Talk to a company like Cardinal Sign for more ideas about how to make your sign stand out!