Questions About Vinyl Banners To Ask Yourself Before You Buy One

6 April 2016
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A vinyl banner can be an eye-catching way to attract and create visual interest for your customers. However, if you have never used this kind of banner for your business, it can be a challenge to ensure you get the right type of banner that will be most effective. Ask yourself the questions below to get a better idea of what you may need when you buy a vinyl banner.

Do You Want to Fly the Banner or Get an Adhesive Banner for Indoor Use?

If you've ever walked into a hotel, bar or other establishment and seen a wall-sized painting or sign, it may very well be an adhesive vinyl banner. An adhesive banner prevents you from having to commission an artist to do artwork, and you can customize the image or text as you see fit.

What Kind of Thickness is Appropriate for My Needs?

The thicker the vinyl is, the better it will hold up against the elements if you plan to put the banner outside. If you live in a particularly windy area, it's even more important that you consider thicker, heavier, reinforced vinyl for your banner. However, if you plan to hang it indoors or use an adhesive vinyl banner that is stuck to the wall, thinner vinyl may work very well.

Am I Going to Use Color on the Banner?

Typically, use of colors beyond black and white costs more money, so you may be planning to only use black and white text for your display banner. However, it's vital that you consider your target market before finalizing that decision. You might informally survey past customers about whether a color banner would have been more interesting to them, but think about your own experiences as you have seen signs and banners in the past. If you're like many people, you find color banners are more visually interesting.

If you do ultimately decide to use more than black and white in a banner, be sure to use those colors that are consistent with your logo and other branding materials. That way, you send a consistent visual message about your business.

When you ask yourself these kinds of questions about your vinyl banner before you buy it, you'll be able to select a banner that works well for some time. Work with a local retailer who can help you design a banner that is both effective and durable. Find additional reading here.