Effective Business Signage For The Small Business Owner

15 February 2016
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If you own a small business, you need a business sign as distinctive as you are. A small business with a high-quality sign shows the world that you are an owner with great attention to detail. A potential client that sees your sign will assume that you take the same care and concern with your products and/or services as you do with your signage and graphics.

Sign Options and Considerations - A good business sign advertises your company 24 hours a day, whether you are open for business or not. When designing a sign for your business, think about the following options and considerations:

  • Colors - The colors of your business sign should be distinctive, harmonious, and thematically refer to your products and/or services. If you have a jewelry company, you can use metallic colors and finishes on your business sign. If you have a clothing company, you can use some of the colors of your signature clothing designs.  
  • Fonts - The fonts you choose for your business sign should also reflect the character of your products and/or services. If you create and sell men's business and casual clothing, use a bold, non-script font. If you have a beauty salon, choose a font that is simple and elegant. If you sell hardware, use a font that is graphic, functional, and not decorative. 
  • Size - The size of your sign should be large enough to be easily read while driving by your business. Hang your sign at just above the eye level of a driver on the road in front of your business. 
  • Message - Your business sign should include only the name of your company and your logo. In this way, customers will associate your business with your distinctive name and logo. If you want to post other information, post it on an additional sign. 

Signage Materials - The material that your sign is made of is almost as important as what your sign says. Different materials convey unspoken ideas and feelings. The material of your sign should reflect the style and concept of your products and/or services. Here are some sign materials that you can choose for your custom business sign: 

  • Carved Wood - Wood is a warm and casual material and gives a homey, rustic, and handmade look to a business sign. Wood signs can be carved, shaped, layered, stained, or painted. 
  • Metal - Metal is very versatile and can look contemporary, vintage, elegant, sophisticated, and/or funky. Choose the metal style and finish that best suits your products and/or services: 
    • Cut or Etched Metal Signs - Your business name and logo are cut or etched out of the surface of the sign and the rest of the sign is darkened with paint or metal patina. These signs work well as silhouette signage when illuminated from the back.
    • Brushed Steel Signs - These signs have a very contemporary look and feel especially when back-lit in different colors of light.
    • Rusty Metal Signs - The unique character of rusty metal gives a vintage, antique, and/or classic look to any business sign. If this look fits with your products or services, it is a unique and effective option. 
  • Illuminated - An illuminated sign will get noticed on any day, in any weather, at night, and when you are closed. Illumination can emphasize your sign colors and logo design and enlarge the visual effect of your business sign. 

There are many types of successful business signs that you will see in your travels. Find a sign maker that specializes in the type of sign that you wish to have and make an appointment to get their advice and recommendations for your best sign options. Your business sign is an important investment for your company and can mean potential future sales. Choose the right business sign and you can make your business a great success.  Contact a sign company, such as A 2 Z Signs, for help with your signage.