High-Quality Large Format Signs

14 October 2015
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When you want to attract attention, you can really benefit from a professionally printed, large format sign. A well-designed and well-printed sign can draw in customers and people walking or driving by and promote your message in a most professional way. 

Large format signs and graphics can be completely designed by the customer and then emailed to a professional print shop for output on their large format printers. There are many output options to consider when designing a sign. Discuss your ideas with your commercial print shop, and they can help you get the perfect sign for your needs. Here are a few of the services that a professional printer can offer:  

  • Graphic Formats - Commercial print shops can print your message in many formats such as:  posters, indoor or outdoor banners, murals, window graphics, signage, billboards, information graphics, corporate interior graphics, and custom wallpaper. 
  • Signage Materials - Commercial print shops can print on matte paper, photo-quality paper, translucent paper, canvas, vinyl, and cloth and then laminate your sign to corrugated plastic, matte board, gator board and much more. 
  • Available Print Sizes - Commercial print shops can print your sign almost at any size that you need. Large format printing can start at 12 inches wide and go up to 48 inches or 60 inches wide. Some specialized commercial print companies can print up to 126 inches wide and 30 feet long. Measure your window, wall or sign holder for the exact size you need and let your commercial print shop handle the rest. 
  • Hanging Options - Commercial print shops need to know where you will be hanging your sign and how you wish to hang it. The print shop can install grommets or hem your sign so that a wooden dowel or metal rod can be inserted and then fixed to your sign location. They can also attach velcro fasteners and/or magnets if you will be hanging your sign on fabric or metal. If you are unsure how to hang your sign, your commercial printer can tell you the best way to do it. 
  • Other Features - Commercial print shops can print your sign in full color, limited 1, 2, or 3 colors or black and white. They can also print 1-sided or 2-sided signs and banners. If needed, they can also mount or laminate your sign to a stronger hanging surface.  

In order to get the best quality sign, format your digital file at 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. Avoid using any image or picture in a lower resolution as it will appear pixelated and blocky when it is enlarged to final size. Discuss your formatting with your commercial print shop before you send them your file so they can guide you.  

Whether you have a business or just need a sign for a temporary event or occasion you should always use a commercial sign company to print your sign. It is advertising that you can use whenever needed and then roll up and store away until needed again. You will not regret investing in a well-designed, commercially printed sign. It is invaluable.