Partnering With A Professional Sign Company To Advertise Your Yard Sale

9 October 2015
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Over time, the average person can accumulate a lot of junk. If you feel like it's time to clean out your closets, then hosting a yard sale could be beneficial. Unfortunately, yard sales are only successful if you can entice customers to come. 

Here are two tips you can use when working with a professional sign company (such as Sierra Signs & Service, Inc.) to increase attendance at your next yard sale.  

1. Think carefully before selecting a color.

Before you pay a professional to print off some signage for your yard sale, it's important to understand that color can play an important role when it comes to the visibility of your signs. Viewing various colors can evoke specific emotions for potential customers.

Colors like red and yellow easily grab the attention of passersby, and these colors can hold the attention of a reader in order to share the details of your yard sale. Gold is a color that is often linked to wealth and prestige, so using a lot of gold in your sign could get potential customers thinking about the quality of the items you will be offering.

Selecting the right color for your signage is essential when it comes to increasing attendance at your next yard sale.

2. Don't be afraid to use humor.

Each day consumers are bombarded with marketing messages. Eventually, these messages fade into the background and become virtually unnoticeable. If you want potential customers to sit up and pay attention to the signs that advertise your yard sale, don't be afraid to use humor.

A study conducted by the University of Colorado in Denver found that one-line jokes promote message comprehension. Including phrases like "classy crap for sale" or "my husband is makin' me sell it" can cause consumers to pay attention to your signs.

In addition to contributing to message comprehension, humorous signs are likely to be shared by those who see them. This means that you will gain the advantage of word-of-mouth advertising for your yard sale as well.

While it might seem a bit silly to invest in professional signs for a yard sale, increasing the number of customers who visit your event can help you generate more cash. It's often said that you have to spend money to make money, and investing in professional signs that are colorful and humorous can be a simple way to help bolster sales revenue at your next neighborhood yard sale.