Three Tips For Designing A Good Clearance Sale Banner For Your Retail Business

2 October 2015
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Even if you cut the prices for most of your products by quite a bit during a clearance sale, it can be difficult to get the word out to enough customers to make much of a difference. In addition to designing separate advertisements you put out in the community, it's imperative that the banner you put on your storefront both draws the eye and clearly explains the nature of the clearance sale. Use these three tips to help you with designing a clearance sale banner that fits with your particular retail business.

Include Pictures Of Your Most Popular Products

If you own a candy store, use your records to determine what product is brought up to your cash register the most and have a banner design company take a photo of it. If you own a game or shoe store, do the same thing with your own most popular product.

Don't think in terms of how much money you're making with each individual sale. It's better to choose the product that more people actually want than the product you make more money on because of steeper profit margins. This is because it's harder to get people in the store in the first place than it is to secure a sale. Often a customer will walk in because of interest in one product but then buy a completely different product.

Have At Least One Percentage Range In A Prominent Place

Since not all clearance sales are as generous as others, it's natural for some of your potential customers to be skeptical when you put up a clearance sale banner. To assuage their concerns, include at least two percentages on the sign: the average discount percentage and the highest discount percentage in the store. Put these two numbers next to each other with a hyphen in the middle. Even better, put the words "average" and "maximum" under the percentages to help your customers make a decision about walking into your store.

If you're also discounting the products you placed on the banner by an impressive amount, put either percentages or the dollar amounts that a buyer won't have to pay under them.

Make Sure That The Words "Clearance Sale" Stand Out

The more stuff you put on your clearance sale banner, the harder it is to make any one particular element stand out from the rest. If most potential customers will only get to see the banner while they're on a crowded road, you need to make sure that the essential information stands out well. This way, even if one particular person isn't interested in the clearance sale, friends and acquaintances might find out about it.

One strategy is to give the words "Clearance Sale" a bright color like yellow or white while giving the rest of the text on the banner darker colors.

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